Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is shipping so expensive?

Answer: Our cart displays real-time USPS shipping rates and we don't mark up that rate at all.  USPS rates are based on weight and distance from our location in Florida to you.  We don't add any additional charges for the packaging that we use (and we use ALOT).  Our packages are calculated at 2 lbs. per jar.

If only ordering 1 jar, the shipping can seem high but when ordering 2 or more jars, the shipping per jar is lower most times.

We would love to offer a cheaper option but we haven’t found any.  If you have or know of a better way, send us a message and we will look into alternative shipping options but we have found USPS 2 day priority to be the cheapest option.

2. What are the ingredients and nutrition facts of your products?

Answer: The product ingredients are listed and there is also a picture of the nutrition facts label of each product on the detail pages. We are working on the nutrition facts for all the dip mixes.